Esteemed Delegates, Advisors, and Friends

It is my pleasure to officially announce the sixteenth session of Michigan State University Model United Nations (MSUMUN) as well as the fifth session of Red Cedar Model United Nations (RCMUN).

This past year, MSUMUN XV and RCMUN IV featured a mélange of highly innovative and exciting committees. Delegates worked to resolve pressing issues such as cyber security and cyber warfare, women in areas of conflict, the crisis in Ukraine, and human trafficking. Students stepped into roles of their own, revitalizing an ailing TV broadcasting company, organizing the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and working toward constructive solutions for the crisis in Syria. They also reached back into the past, debating the future of Europe and Japan at the 1945 Potsdam Conference and fighting on both sides of the Civil War. With over 100 MSU volunteer staff members, we hosted nearly 700 high school students and over 200 middle school students as they participated in two of the nation’s premier Model UN conferences held on the nation’s most beautiful college campus.

At this time, I am excited to officially announce that MSUMUN XVI will be held March 18-20, 2016, and will be held again at the Kellogg Center on the Michigan State’s campus. We look forward to showing delegates the best of what MSU has to offer while continuing to provide the dynamic and educationally enriching experience that MSUMUN has always been.

I am also looking forward to the fifth session of our middle school conference, RCMUN V. The conference will be held on a date to be decided very soon. RCMUN has been an incredibly positive experience for all of its delegates, advisers and staff and I am pleased to see it into its fifth session. Our excellent Secretary-General of RCMUN, Sophia Huq, is excited to see RCMUN grow and expand as a conference and I have the utmost confidence in her vision and ability to manage a wonderful Model UN conference. If for any reason you may need to contact her, Sophia can be reached at

As we continue to prepare for MSUMUN XVI and RCMUN V, we plan to work with our schools, advisers and delegates outside of the conference setting through our Outreach Program. As in past years, MSUMUN and RCMUN staff members will be travelling to schools in order to help students and teachers engage in research, public speaking, writing, debate and many other valuable skills associated with Model UN. I expect our Outreach Program to continue to strengthen the relationships MSUMUN and RCMUN have worked hard to develop with our schools and advisers while it provides valuable educational opportunities to all students, whether they are in high school, middle school or college. If you are interested in requesting staff members from MSUMUN or RCMUN to help in your high school or middle school classroom through our Outreach Program, please do not hesitate to contact our Undersecretary-General of Internal Affairs, Katie Higgs at

If you have any general questions, comments or concerns relating to either of our conferences, please feel free to contact me personally at I am looking forward to working with all of you this year as the Secretary-General of MSUMUN and cannot wait to see all of you at RCMUN and MSUMUN next year.

Cody Schulz
Secretary-General, MSUMUN
Session XVI