Hello distinguished Delegates, Advisors, Staff, Alumni, and Friends,

This year MSUMUN sought to make a concrete impact through engagement, exploration, and empowerment. We at MSUMUN are happy with the great success of session XIV. Over 700 high school delegates practiced critical thinking and speaking skills through engagement with historical, national, and international policy issues.

In the General Assembly committees we saw delegates address dire issues concerning the environment, security standards, and humanitarian programs. In the Specialized committees we saw systemic reforms of the UN, US education strategies, US immigration policy as well as the historical foundation of the US Constitution. Finally crisis committees demonstrated real time development of past, present and future emergencies and the processes implemented to mitigate damage. Ultimately every committed was able to explore new topics and perspectives.

Our fundraising efforts for the Nyaka Aids Orphans Project culminated in raising over $5000 for housing and education programs in Uganda; thank you for all your generous donations. Your future as well as the larger world community’s future has been empowered. Whether through monetary donation or knowledge accumulation, know that you have made a difference and have the potential to continue making a difference. Consider the time you have invested with MSUMUN as evidence of a fundamental truth that we can all make a difference. The final message until session XV is to continue engaging your community, explore your world, empower your future.

We hope to see everyone back next year for the best MSUMUN yet!

Go Green!

MSUMUN Secretariat XV